Monday, August 31, 2009

Pizza and Weight Loss

I could never stick with a weight loss program that didn't allow me to eat pizza. Often. Just saying.

Now some might advise to steer clear of this food entirely--buck up and use some self control. But my own experience is that such deprivation will ultimately lead to binging and diet failure.

Pizza doesn't need to sabotage weight loss efforts, keeping these things in mind: better choices and portion control.

I've played around with various kinds of crusts--anything from homemade doughs to whole grain tortillas. Today I tried a new one that was pretty good. Kontos Multi-Grain Flatbread. The base of my pizza had 300 calories and 6 whopping grams of fiber. That was a pretty good choice. I topped that simply with some of my homemade sauce, and a measured 1 1/2 ounces of reduced fat mozzarella. Very satisfying. Not sure I needed the whole thing. Perhaps next time I'll eat half with some fresh vegetables. Maybe.

So with some better choices and portion control, no food really needs to be "off limits."


  1. I'm glad you're able to keep pizza in your diet in such a sensible and tasty way! Excellent observation about deprivation, thanks for mentioning it "out loud."

  2. LOL. Thanks, Tami. Hopefully I'm not just rationalizing. But I think it is better to make small changes that you can maintain, than radical ones that you will abandon later.